Get Spirited Away in Jiufen, Taiwan

November 9, 2012: This was the beginning stage of an epic tour of Asia that would completely change the way I looked at the world forever. Our journey begins in a quaint little country known as Taiwan. This place was really just a layover to the real start of the trip that would start up in Bangkok, but it was still a damn good place to start. In a previous post I went into my buddy James and my first stop at the Taipei 101, which was at one point the tallest building in the world. Almost right after we left there James was practically foaming at the mouth to go to this little village known as Jiufen. I was wondering what the excitement was about this little village here in Taiwan before we arrived, up until he hit me with this cool little piece of trivia: Jiufen actually inspired Hayao Miyazaki to create the epic piece of awesomeness that is this movie: Yes, Jiufen was the place that inspired the massive bath house in the incredible Japanese animated movie, Spirited Away. If you have


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