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Forbidden Travel – North Korea

So Why Would I Be Interested in North Korea In The First Place? I have always enjoyed traveling to the farthest regions of the world, like Germany, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Thailand. They are all very beautiful places that I wish to see again very soon. But the kinds of places I have always truly been intrigued with are the hotspots of the world, the places that we as Americans know very little about, other than what fear mongering tales that the mainstream media decides to throw at us on a daily basis. One of these places, of course, is North Korea. Below is a documentary on North Korea that is, in my opinion, a fantastic, deep (or as deep as you can get with the “tour guides”) look inside North Korea and how the people really are from the standpoint of not just North Koreans, but also as human beings living their day-to-day lives. I strongly recommend watching this documentary on North Korea all the way through. This video was created by Etherium Sky Films. Check out some