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South Korea – Getting The Most Out Of A 15 Hour Layover

What if you only have a small amount of time in your South Korea trip, and you want to squeeze as much enjoyment out of it as possible before going on to your next destination? Photo: Stuck in Customs/Flickr under Creative Commons License 2.0 This is the question that I have just recently been hit with, for a very sad reason. I have a dear friend who lives in Seoul that I was hoping to meet and catch up with while I was out visiting. Unfortunately for both of us, the company he works for can’t let him off for the days that I’m going there. Therefore I’ll be flying there solo for this South Korea trip. Though it isn’t the end of the world, traveling to a foreign place (hell, anywhere really) isn’t meant to be a one man/woman experience. Sure, you can go see the different monuments of the world and see different and amazing cultures, but what makes travel as amazing as it can be is the people that you meet and the experiences that you share along the way. It’s an opportunity