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Travel Tips – My World Travel 1-Bag Packing List

Is It Really Possible To Travel The World Long-Term With Only One Bag? Check These Travel Tips to Find Out How. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. I got all of this… …into this. Oh yes. Be jealous 😛 But the question you might be asking yourself is: “Why?” I became obsessed with having all my world’s possessions fit into a single backpack for a few reasons, but what really kicked it off was during my time doing 6 country tour in Southeast Asia with a dear friend. My buddy and I would be taking flight after flight, and I had the misfortune of having a luggage bag full of crap that I still had from a previous trip I couldn’t get rid of (I was living in Germany for 2 months, then went straight to Asia for the trip). As a result I got nickeled and dimed to death before every single flight because my luggage would be considered just overweight enough to qualify for the check in fee. When I finally made it back to the U.S. I made some serious moves to cut out every last stitch of none