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What To Expect When Moving To Singapore

If You’re Moving To Singapore Soon, Read These Tips To Make The Transition Smooth and Keep Yourself Out of Trouble.

I wish I learned these solo travel tips before I started my travels.

I wish I learned these solo travel tips before I started my travels.

Travel Tips – Avoid These 10 Disappointing Travel Destinations

Travel Tips About Where to Avoid On Your Next Trip I was sitting in Starbucks, casually looking on the innerwebz, when I stumbled onto an interesting slideshow article from USA Today. As much as I love travel, there are just as many bad locations to end up in as well as the gems. As much as I don’t really like writing negative travel tips, it’s just as important to know what to steer clear of so you can spend more time on the real gems out there. I’ve actually been to some of the places in this list, and with what they say I have to agree with these travel tips in some (though not all) respects. Here are (according to USA Today) the 10 of the World’s Most Disappointing Destinations. 1. Gibraltar Photo: Vlastula/Flickr under Creative Commons License 2.0 Here’s what we can expect from visiting Gibraltar:  A rock… Fake British pubs, and… Monkeys that love to terrorize the tourists.  Seriously, you are virtually guaranteed to want to kill these little bastards within the

Travel Tips – My World Travel 1-Bag Packing List

Is It Really Possible To Travel The World Long-Term With Only One Bag? Check These Travel Tips to Find Out How. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. I got all of this… …into this. Oh yes. Be jealous 😛 But the question you might be asking yourself is: “Why?” I became obsessed with having all my world’s possessions fit into a single backpack for a few reasons, but what really kicked it off was during my time doing 6 country tour in Southeast Asia with a dear friend. My buddy and I would be taking flight after flight, and I had the misfortune of having a luggage bag full of crap that I still had from a previous trip I couldn’t get rid of (I was living in Germany for 2 months, then went straight to Asia for the trip). As a result I got nickeled and dimed to death before every single flight because my luggage would be considered just overweight enough to qualify for the check in fee. When I finally made it back to the U.S. I made some serious moves to cut out every last stitch of none

Solo Travel Tips For the Long Term Traveler

These travel tips will save you a world of hurt, especially if you are traveling solo overseas for the first time.