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“Are There Legal Real Work From Home Jobs?” How To Find A Legitimate Work From Home Business

It is a very ugly fact that there are still a huge number of scam artists out there preying on those who are desperate and looking for a way to provide for themselves and their family. At the same time there are those people out there who honestly DO have others’ best interests at heart. The real trick is to find out which is which. Many people have become incredibly jaded from their long search, leading many to unfortunately answer “no” to the question “Are there legal real work from home jobs out there I can truly depend on?”

Thankfully, there are many surefire ways of telling if a company you’re looking at joining is worth your time. So here is what to look for in a work from home business, in no particular order:

1. Are they trying to hard-sell you like a used car salesman, or instead do they say that this business may not be for everyone? The more upfront they are the better the op, mainly because of the caliber of people you’ll work with & the example they set. You can read volumes about a biz op by the people you would be joining and the integrity they show. Ensure the leaders in this company are of the highest integrity. Go up and shake their hand. Get a feel as to how they interact with “the little people.” Use your gut feeling on this. If they feel “off” they probably are, but if they feel genuine, that they truly have your best interests at heart, then you definitely have a winner. Simply put, where we end up in life is largely determined by the quality what information we put in our head and the people we associate with, so surrounding yourself with people of integrity and success is an absolute must.

2. Does it take you sponsoring the equivalent of the state of Rhode Island for you to replace your job income? What is the cost of the product compared to the commission? Many MLMs are guilty of this primarily because the way their system is set up; there isn’t much money to give you upfront for your work. What you are looking for is a strong upfront commission (A good number is around 50%) coupled with a solid residual income to make your efforts worth your while both in the immediate AND long term.

3. Is this company just another me-too biz op? How many people are selling something almost identical to what you’re looking at? Nutritional supplements & juice companies are the biggest culprits here. Even though there are phenomenal businesses that sell high-quality juices and/or nutritional stuff, what the world sees is yet another juice company, and trying to convincingly educate people as to why your juice is better than XYZ brand’s juice is like literally using your head to tear down the Berlin Wall. What positive thing truly separates this company from the rest? If you can pick something right off the bat you’re on the right track.

4. How much value is in the product if an opportunity were not attached to it? You need to find a product that can stand on its own with or without an opportunity attached to it. If people are willing to buy the product on its own you’re on the right track. If possible take a sample and share with friends before even thinking of signing up in the business. This eliminates the fear of rejection since you’re still an unbiased third party. Gauge their responses on the PRODUCT; do NOT talk about the business side of things, as few people will side with you on the biz op side being a good idea, regardless of what it is. (Side note: just because it’s featured on the news doesn’t mean it’s a good product or business. I have personal experience on that one.)

5. How does this company give back to those not in their company? Does it have a charity built into the biz-op that is transparent and (most importantly) can easily be tracked? This certainly adds to the integrity factor, and it’s much easier to get behind a group of people who look to help others in need outside of their business.

6. Is there a solid, proven, duplicatable marketing system that fits your needs? Does it teach you how to market and attract people using both traditional AND online marketing? Usually, the company itself doesn’t provide you with this (though they have SOME marketing materials to use); this is (almost) always created and provided by the team that you would sign up with. You need a system that teaches you how to generate quality leads, and shows you the most up-to-date methods of attracting leads, online AND offline. The wider the net you cast the more you can catch. The best system you can find is one that has a group of people that call people on your behalf that do all the complicated telling and selling for you. This informs your prospects far better than you might be able to on your own, and it also let your prospect know THEY won’t have to do all the selling and telling; it’s all done for you! There is a place for 1-on-1 sales, but if that is your primary method of business then you are surely taking the long route, and it may on its own send the wrong message to those you want to bring into your business. 1.4 Billion people have internet access. If the team you’re looking to join doesn’t take advantage of actively marketing to the internet crowd it is behind the times, and it’s time to look for a team that does.

7. Do you have a knowledgeable support network to help you figure all this stuff out? Let’s face facts, this is a brand new skillset that few people have right from the start, and even the best laid plans and training can be confusing to those of us that are just getting started. Having an experienced guide, someone who has actively put this training to use with great success, is absolutely vital to your success. At the very least it will help to quickly replace a steep learning curve with a steep earning curve. (Note: it is important to have a guide, but it is also important to study the system on your own as well. Guides help those who help themselves; they cannot build your business for you. The system will provide the answers, and if you get lost and confused your guide will be there to give you perspective to help you understand the answers so you can implement them more effectively.)

For all those asking themselves “Are there legal real work from home jobs out there I can truly depend on?” there is hope at last. Now more and more companies are realizing the more honest they play the game, the more real they are with the people who sign on with them, the more everyone prospers. And if you follow these simple steps, and as long as you are willing to be persistent in doing the necessary work to get the results, then nothing can stop you from achieving the success you desire and living the life of your dreams.

For more information on success in home based businesses click here.

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A Confused Breakfast In A Wonderful World

Who knew breakfast could be so entertaining? I wandered into a German cafe in Nuremberg, which was at first a little difficult; I speak VERY little German and I could hear the alluring call of all the surrounding, and very familiar, American restaurants (Pizza Hut, Burger King, and Fourbucks Coffee.)

But I was determined, for once in my stay here, to have at least ONE semi-traditional German breakfast (or Frühstück in German. You learn something new everyday.) even though I saw what I wanted, even though I understood about 75% of what the menu said, I was still somewhat unprepared for what happened next.

I placed my order, all in German (I’m so proud of me.) Soon after I ordered she did the one thing that many tourists ignorant of the language absolutely fear; she asked a question… In German… As if I was going to actually (gasp) understand her. But this time, I actually DID! She asked if I wanted bacon or ham in German and I understood her! And replied back in German! Woohoo! I successfully passed myself off as a local…or so I thought. Then the German question onslaught followed.

What kind of bread do you want?
Which kind of jelly?
Do you want coffee?
Which kind of coffee?
(Did I tell you the coffee costs extra? I didn’t? Oops, my bad.)

This poor woman was saying all this stuff while physically pointing and showing me what the hell she was talking about. I was 2 years old all over again. I could tell by the odd communication that she thought I was not a tourist, but a local with a serious yet oddly adorable mental deficiency.

We finally finished the ordering ordeal and I paid for my yummy breakfast I clumsily ordered, and I walk to my table expecting my dining experience to be a somewhat quiet one. My delusions of mental peace was suddenly shattered when 2 middle-aged women started talking to me in German…very fast I might add.

Throughout the onslaught of words I did not understand I managed to pick up a word that sounded familiar: pepper. I’m thinking they need some pepper. I understood! Woohoo…until I tried to hand the pepper to the ladies. It turns out they were wondering why I wasn’t adding pepper to my ham & eggs. What else could I do except be a typical, confused American, asking “When did breakfast become so damn confusing?” The whole time the ladies and I were busting up laughing at how absolutely confused I was. I didn’t care; I was happy I could be the free entertainment. I even told them that at the end.

These little exchanges reminded me of a few important things. For starters, sometimes being a confused foreigner can be incredibly fun if you allow yourself to look silly for the sake of entertainment. Even a simple conversation that normally has absolutely no apparent importance can supply you with hilarious memories, even if you may be the only one who can see or appreciate the humor of that moment.

It also taught me to keep my eyes open in the here and now. There’s so much beauty and wisdom all around us if we simply find the time to slow down and pay attention with all of our senses to only what is happening right here, right now at this very moment. There is so much in this world that we take for granted; we pass by these visions and events of pure wonder and dismiss them without a second thought. How much more beautiful would this world really be when we decide to stop being so much in our heads, being focused from the outside in, and begin to really see and recognize the miracles that we pass by every, focusing from the inside out.

It’s amazing how the simplest of life’s experiences can show us so much, but only when we allow ourselves to listen to and see what the messages in these experiences really are. Sometimes it may be necessary to forget ourselves and lose ourselves in the moment to see what is really right in front of us. We may not be able to choose what experiences we may have, but it absolutely IS our responsibility to choose what we take from these experiences whether they be obvious blessings or blessings disguised as complete catastrophes. When we allow ourselves to STOP…and really pay attention to the world around us without the chatter going on between our ears, that is when true clarity occurs. That is when we can see the world, each other, and ourselves as the miracles they really are.

I know it’s a far stretch to take all this from a confused cafe experience, but more wondrous things started from stranger places. They also started as an idea, regardless of where the idea actually came from. Most importantly, it a start in the right direction, and a simple idea that many people, myself included, need a daily reminder of. It may be a while until this becomes mainstream belief, but until then it’s vital that we understand that it all starts as a belief within ourselves. When we focus on beauty is when we really start to see it in front of us. Let’s make sure we see it in ourselves. From there it’s only a matter of time before what appear to be miracles appear before us on a regular basis; from there we will truly begin to see, and begin to say “What a wonderful world.”